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VoteFair Ranking Service

The VoteFair Ranking service is still available.  However, the service will end when funding runs out, which currently will occur in late 2024.

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Why A Better Vote-Counting System Will Yield Widespread Economic Prosperity

Here's why both Republicans and Democrats will benefit from election-method reform: Why A Better Vote-Counting System Will Yield Widespread Economic Prosperity.



Video: Insights from the VoteFair Guy about Election-Method Reform

We are stuck in a bad feedback loop that steals money from us, the majority of voters, while it financially rewards the biggest election-campaign contributors. Learn how these campaign contributors exploit our primitive elections using the money tactics of blocking, splitting, and concentration. And learn how better election methods are being hidden from us. Most importantly, learn the simple steps that will take us to full democracy and widespread economic prosperity.

Link to video at

Links to infographics in this video:

Scroll down to see the Map to Full Democracy infographic.



Map to Full Democracy

Here's a map that summarizes what needs to change to reach full democracy.

Map to Full Democracy



Less-corrupt business tax rates

Here are two infographics that reveal how less-corrupt business tax rates will increase the flow of money coming into a city or state.  Election-method reform will make this change become possible.

Tax the Takers More Than the Makers, overview

Tax the Takers More Than the Makers, categories



Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections

This ebook describes what's wrong with existing vote-counting methods, and why VoteFair ranking will lead to widespread economic prosperity.  It's available for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook, and it's on Apple Books and more.  (The cost, at $2.99, is as low as allowed by book distributors.)




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