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Free Survey & Poll service

Free Survey & Poll & Election service

2023 notice:  This free service will end when funding runs out, which currently will occur in early 2024!
Unfortunately there are no known free alternatives with similar capabilities.
If you are willing to pay, you might like, which does offer a free version for very small surveys.

2019 Notice: Due to the high cost of renewing the SSL certificate for this free website, SSL certification is no longer supported.  If security for your survey or poll is important, please code your survey choices using nicknames that only participants will recognize.

Yes, it's free!
(and no email address is collected)

Here you can create an online survey (or poll) with multiple questions and invite coworkers or friends to participate online.  Very importantly the results are calculated using VoteFair ranking.  (You can also include some non-ranking types of questions.)

To start creating a survey or poll, just fill out the blanks below and click the Start Survey button.  Try it!  It's free and anonymous.

Title of question:

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

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Or, you can create a survey using the Create Survey button, which is in the upper right of every page.


After you have created your first question, you can:

  • add more questions
  • add a title
  • get a URL (web link) that takes your voters directly to your survey/poll/election
  • supply a link that takes voters back to your site after they vote
  • get a sample wording of an email message you can send (using your email software) to invite voters
  • choose whether your survey, poll, or election is private or public

Afraid of making a mistake?  You can abandon a survey/poll you don't like, and start another!


After you have created your survey, poll, or election, you and your fellow voters can access it directly using a URL (web link) that you can include in email that you send.  (Or, you can use this form, which appears at the top right of every page.)

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The VoteFair survey capabilities don't include multi-page ballots with fancy graphics, but the results are fair.  If you want fancy ballots, you should check out other online survey services — such as and — but keep in mind that those services don't produce fair results for ranking questions.  Also consider that those services either cost money or the free versions have limited capabilities.

Why is this service free?  Because the goal is to teach people how voting should be done.  The sooner we start using fair voting methods in government elections, the sooner everyone will benefit from widespread, dramatically increased, economic prosperity.


Cover of Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections VoteFair ranking was invented by Richard Fobes who is the author of Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections.   Sales of this book helps to keep VoteFair ranking available for free at this website.


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